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April 6, 2012
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An egg! by CraftyCrystal An egg! by CraftyCrystal
Happy Birthday ~elgesugha

Uva's head looks strange, but I think it turned out ok...
I wan't to make a really amazing piece of art for your birthday
But I couldn't make anything amazing enough
So I made several mildly amazing pieces of art, which I hope will suffice.

Download this deviation for a zip-folder containing this gift and others :meow:
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sander94 Apr 6, 2012
holy shit its his birthday? oh, gotta make him something!

oh, praising you, yes:
ythis is uberly awesome, i luv how you "painted" this XD
even you made the glow of the fire, i dig that ^^
great job C:
I'm guessing he didn't want to make a big deal of it ^^; Whoops

sander94 Apr 9, 2012
hmm~ then i'l keep that in consideration, thanks ^^
your welcome, but i have to thank you in the frist place for making the art C:
Okay so. Like.
I am a bit more awake now, so, I wanted to leave a more... Intelligent comment? Yeah. Maybe.

I love the way all of the drawings are done, I've always loved this way you do your pictures.

Chana picture is pretty cool. She's pretty. I love the way you did the fire. I can see how you played with light a bit.
And Uva's head looks fine to me. D:<

I've always loved the way you draw animals, Paavo looks amazing. Are those crayons? They look like crayons. The background deceives me and tells me it is digital art tho'.
I don't know, I'm stupid. But I still like it a lot!
Hmm... Maybe I am not that wide awake as I thought. OH WELL.

Pony. Also, pony. Every new picture you do, I can see an effload of improvement. Ever since you showed me the 1st revamp of your ponysona, with the wings and all and and and... Yeah, I can't really remember well now. Off topic. Ever since that time, I've really seen how you improved with the ponies. Thank you for drawing Brownie too. ;___;

I would start whining about how much I envy you and all that stuff, but it's supposed to be my beer-day so, I will... Stop that. Or something. And just say thank you again. :heart:
Eeee, no problem :heart:

I'm glad you like my gifts C: Paavo was done in pastels and edited in Photoshop I hope you had a great day~

I do love how long and lovely your comments are and how short and lame my replies are XD
They are not lame. They are just way more intelligent.
I need a lot of words to express myself. Haha.
Thank you for the drawings!

I'm... I'm one of those guys that really does not know what to say when he receives a gift. D:
Just wanted to say I am speechless, but, I really liked my gifts. I especially like this one. With Chana and Uva.
Hello future Pyro.

Thanks again, this was really unexpected and was something nice to wake up at. Made my (very early) morning. :heart:
:eager:*FAVES FOREVER!* D:<
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